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Medical Photography: Medical photography is a powerful tool to correlate classroom coursework with clinical findings of disease and injury. This elective will equip students with the fundamentals of general and medical photography, proper photographic techniques, practical clinical experience, and continual constructive feedback. Students will complete four 3-hr shifts with course directors in the Vanderbilt Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments and the VA Medical Center practicing photography skills throughout the elective period in addition to the five scheduled meetings. Students will have had hands-on skills and presentation practice, as well as a possibility of journal publication. 


Enrollment Cap 7 students
Meeting Times TBD
  Three, 1.5 hour, hands-on workshops
  Two, 2 hour image review sessions
  Four, 3 hour ED "shifts"




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Lawrence B Stack


Brian Bales

Raymond Zhou


Cooper March

Lisa Warpinski


Lisa . Warpinski @ vumc . org

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